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John Carrigan - Actor and Martial Artist

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John has just come back from LA after completing filming on the pilot episode of "Star Trek Renegades" where he played two roles, Starfleet Admiral D'agosto and the Klingon Captain.

The interactive film John starred in some time ago has now been re released. "Advanced Warriors" is a Sci Fi / Fantasy / Martial arts Movie where you decide the action and is the first time actors from Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who appear together on screen.

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  John's book, "The Other Side Of Harry" which is his own incredible true life survival story about turning a hopeless dark past into a hopeful bright future.

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(Still also available as an eBook)

"Star Trek Of Gods And Men" is out. John plays the Klingon "Kel'mag" and the two part episode of Star Trek New Voyages "Blood And Fire" which sees John return as Klingon captain "Kargh" was released last year.

Some quotes from the forums regarding John in Episode 2:

"John, you really were a standout.  I think Kargh is easily my favourite character ..."

"As an old-school Trek fan, I want you to know, you REALLY captured the "feel" of the TOS Klingons!  I sincerely hope we've not see the last of Kargh, or you, on "the show", because you were absolutely incredible.  Kudos!"

"John Carrigan's "Kargh" was something special"

"Kargh ... what else can I say, but FANTASTIC!"

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