John Carrigan's Martial Arts & Film Awards

Master JKD Award

With Grand Master Richard Bustillo

This is my Sifu/Teacher Grand Master Richard Bustillo presenting me with my Master Instructor award. Richard has now passed away, so I treasure this award above all others.

Warriors Assemble Award

Fighting Spirit Award & Trophy 2015

Here I am with my Warriors Assemble Fighting Spirit Award and Trophy in 2015. I was given this award for overcoming the difficult early life I had with my mentally ill father and helping others overcome their problems too through my teaching.

Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 2015

With  Bob Sykes Renown Kick Boxer

Here I am receiving the Martial arts illustrated Hall Of Fame Gold Award 2015, from Bob Sykes, renown kick boxer and martial arts journalist.

Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 2016

With Bill Wallace Martial Arts Legend

Here I am receiving the Martial Arts Show Hall Of Fame Award 2016, from Bill Wallace, martial arts legend, kick boxing champion and film star.