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John Carrigan Biography

John Carrigan is an actor martial arts instructor and screen fight choreographer. John began his training in the martial arts in 1972 studying the Chinese martial arts as well as Karate and went on to become a 3rd Dan Karate black belt, also gaining rankings in several other martial arts along the way. John was a great follower of the legendary Bruce Lee so he went to the USA to seek out the original students of Master Lee, among those was Sifu Richard Bustillo.
John was accepted as a student by Sifu Bustillo and went on to become a Master Instructor with the IMB Academy of Los Angeles. John still practices the martial arts today running his own school in England teaching the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

John first got bitten by the acting bug in 1970 while still at school when he and some of his fellow pupils were chosen to be in a feature film called Melody, But it was not until 1982 that he began to pursue his second passion in earnest. John had put his martial skills to use by becoming a bodyguard to several celebrities and dignitaries, and it was after acting as security for some of the cast of the original Star Trek TV series that John was introduced to Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry. It was Gene who inspired him to Boldly Go and pursue an acting career. Following Gene’s advice John tested for and won a place in a stunt team called The Stunt Action Service which led to years of touring Britain performing live stunt and stage shows.

During his time with the team John also began to study drama and eventually earned a coveted Equity card. He eventually left the team to concentrate on the big and small screen, appearing first in small walk on parts and stunt work, continuing onward and upward to leading film and TV roles in England and the US, which has included acting in several continuations of the classic Star Trek series, John also co starred in and choreograph all the action in a Hollywood Western where he played the English bad guy. John continues to teach Bruce Lee's martial art at his School and is sometimes called upon to once again pickup his personal security career, having so far provided close protection for people ranging from foreign dignitaries to Hollywood Stars.

Recently John has turned his hand to writing while still furthering his acting work and martial arts career.

On this site you will see a few examples of John’s many and varied film and TV parts as well as his live stage shows, you will also find links to both of his books.