John Carrigan CV

Actor and Martial Artist

John Carrigan Equity Actor /Martial artist Equity No: M00119215  Find me on IMDB

Height: 5’7” Hair Brown, greying. Eyes Blue .Playing age , 40-50 years


Website: www.johncarrigan.co.uk. e-mail: carriganjohnll@aol.com 


Brian Sterling Stunt and Stage School = Drama, Firearms, Fencing, Screen Combat 

Actors Centre, London, Manchester = Drama classes  


Advanced Warriors (Lead Role/Co Producer)

LightworX-First Cut

Double X (Gang member)

String of Pearls 

Project Assassin

MI5 Agent New Blood 



The Chronicals of Narnia (Rock Man Guard)

Get Fit with Brittas (Patrick)

The Brittas Empire (Patrick = 5 seasons)

Hancock – (Life Story Hancock’s Writer)

Blue Peter Star Trek Special (The Klingon)

Agent Z (Stunt Double For lead actor)

Bottom (Hospital patient/stunt work)

   Watchdog (Klingon Presenter)

 The Bill (Mr. Whitlock = Duty Solicitor)

Spatz (Irate Customer)

Magazine showcase (Interview as guest) 

QVC Star Trek (Hour Guest Presenter)

Connections (David Garrick)

Cable TV Awards (Sci Fi award Presenter)

Loose Lips (Interview as guest)


Star Trek Phase II Guest Star, Captain Kargh = 6 episodes = Cawley Entertainment/Retro Film Studios (New York)

Star Trek Of Gods And Men Klingon, Kel’Mag = 3 part miniseries Renegade Films (New York)

Humber City Lead role Inspector Mc Gavin = Pilot episode Parallel Reflections

Cowboy Creed Co Starring role, Bad guy, Limey = Short feature film. Runic Films (Los Angeles)

Star Trek Renegades Two roles, Starfleet Admiral, Klingon Captain=Pilot episode, Renegade films (Los Angeles)


The Good, The Bad &The Dangerous Gang member Martial arts film Bey Mark international

Hollow Man Lead role Hoffman Horror film Stunt Monkey Productions

The Need Lead role/Producer , Sci-fi action thriller. Open Door Productions

Disco Science Martial Arts Choreography Music video pop group Mirais

Need to Know Self Defence Presenter / Instructor/Producer Self Defense video. Lightworx/First Cut prod

Soul Catcher Scientist Short sci-fi drama. Vision Productions

EDL.(pilot ep) Major Boreman Sci Fi drama. Husain Prod

Fitness The Final Frontier Captain Kirk Fitness equipment promo Major Vision

Z Listers. BBC Exec Drama/Comedy film. Television Bandits


Hollow Man
The Need, Brittas Empire
Project Assassin
Fitness the Final Frontier
Need To Know Self Defense
Disco Science
Advanced Warriors 
Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II
Humber City
Cowboy Creed


Alice (musical) Hammersmith Odeon, choreographed Martial Arts Dance routine 

Conventions and martial arts displays

Star Trek: The Exhibition – London, Manchester and Birmingham

Live Stage and stunt shows (including skin work)

Seminar lecturer in Martial Arts and screen Fight Choreography

Guest speaker at Walter Koenig Roast Party, Los Angeles


 Martial Arts Qualifications/Awards
 Black Belt 1st Dan – Khan Do

Instructors Certificate – Hsiu Lung Tao
 Black Belt 3rd Dan – Shabumi Freestyle Karate

Master Instructor– IMB Academy – Los Angeles
Jeet Kune Do. Time training-in martial arts, 47 years

Double Martial Arts Hall of Fame winner.
Winner of Warriors Fighting Spirit Award