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Batman Promo

John has just come back from the States where he filmed an extended length episode of Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II. The special Klingon episode was entitled "Kitumba" and was a revised version of a script first written in the late 70s but never filmed. The episode is action packed and as well as playing Captain Kargh, John staged a massive fight scene involving over 20 people. John says it is the best film work he has ever done. Kitumba is due out on the net in 2010.

  John's book is still available! "The Other Side Of Harry" which is his own incredible true life survival story about turning a hopeless dark past into a hopeful bright future. Buy the eBook version today:

The of side of Harry eBook @ Chipmunk

"Star Trek Of Gods And Men" is out. John plays the Klingon "Kel'mag" and the two part episode of Star Trek New Voyages "Blood And Fire" which sees John return as Klingon captain "Kargh" was released last year.

Need to Know Self Defence

John's best selling video, Need to Know Self Defence, is now available for download at  the remarkable price of  £4.95 UKP - go to the website for further details :

The Need
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