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John BW 8331

John BW 8343

TV Work


John as Patrick on the BBC Series "The Brittas Empire"
Chronicles of Narnia

John in "The Chronicles of Narnia"
Film Work

Dragon Busters

End of the Road for John in the film DragonBusters
The Need

John in "The Need"
The Martial Arts

Danny Inosanto

With JKD insructor Dan Inosanto
Larry Hartsell

With JKD insructor Larry Hartsell
JKD Club

John's club with JKD instructors Richard Bustillo, Ted Wong, Chris Kent
and JKD book author and film maker John Little
Dan Lee

With JKD instructor Dan Lee
Grave with Taky

In Seattle at the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee with JKD instructor Taky Kimura
Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry

Meets with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry
Kargh and Kirk

On set as Kargh with Kirk in Star Trek: New Voyages
Bridge Kick

John gets his kicks filming Star Trek!
Kargh with Batleth

Kargh ready for action.

Kargh in chair

Kargh in command
StarTrek TNG

Working on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Ugly OGAM Klingon

John before the make-up....

Ugly OGAM Klingon 2

...and after! On the set of "Of Gods and Men"

Cast Shot

With the cast of Star Trek: New Voyages
The Stunts

Stunt Team Car

The Stunts Team Car
Geoff Capes

Highland Games Stunt Show with Geoff Capes
Stunt Fall

John during a high fall stunt
The Kicks

bottle 1

Stunt Show bottle preparation
bottle 2

Michael Sheard + bottle

Kicking a bottle off of the head of Actor Michael Sheard
The Celebs

Cynthia Rothrock

Looking after Cynthia Rothrock - kung fu film star
Shannon Lee

Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee
That Bear!

Pudey and Jeremy Bulloch

John with Star Wars star Jermey Bulloch and Pudsey Bear!
Klingons and Children in Need

John out collecting with some Klingons and Andrew Dymond

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