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Press Interviewing John Carrigan

Trekyards Live - John Carrigan Interview
(Phase 2/Renegades/Of Gods and Men)  >>>

STAR TREK -  John has appeared in three incarnations of Star Trek which includes six episodes of Star Trek New Voyages Phase II as Klingon Captain Kargh. The movie length episode of Star Trek Of Gods And Men in which John played ridge headed Klingon, Kel’Mag as well as others. Lastly John's latest journey back into Star Trek was the pilot episode of Star Trek Renegade in which John played two roles, one a star fleet admiral and two yet another fierce ridge headed Klingon. 

So That's What It Means? - John's latest book will be of help in everyday life.
John has written down many of the messages from philosophical sayings in terms we can all relate to, be they about love, loss, fear, determination, or just plain inspiration, which we all need from time to time.

The Other Side Of Harry: A schizophrenic parent -  This book is a tour de force of personal experience. John takes the reader through the story of his life, beginning with his childhood in a family obviously full of love and yet, at the same time, suffering with the schizophrenia of the father.